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时间:2019-11-04 13:05:32

Show me your friends, and I'll tell you if you'll speak the language.
How social networks influence our linguistic behaviour

讲座时间:2019年11月7日,15:30- 17:00

A growing body of 21st-century research has sought to integrate methods and techniques from different fields of science in order to further our understanding of the world and the governing principles therein. A method which has been increasingly applied in addressing these cross-disciplinary questions is social network analysis (SNA), consisting in investigating social structures through the prism of graph theories.
Social networks play a vital role in the attainment of individuals. The talk will present the results of two projects applying SNA to language phenomena. One involves exploring the social spread of neologisms online; the other, the influence of peer interactions among L2learners on their language progress.
Social network analysis can provide new insights into the link between social relations, language change, and language acquisition, demonstrating for instance how social network configuration and peer interaction dynamics are stronger predictors of second language performance than individual factors, and offer a novel methodology for investigating other language phenomena.

Micha.B.Paradowski is an associate professor at the Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw (华沙大學应用语言学研究所), a teacher and translator trainer, and a language teaching consultant for television. His interests include English as a lingua franca, second and third language acquisition research, foreign language teaching, bilingualism and bilingual education, embodied cognition, educational technology, and complexity science. He has given over 150 invited lectures, seminars and workshops in Europe, America, Africa and Asia (including several repeated visits to China),many in universities from the top of world rankings. His recent edited volumes are Teaching Languages off the Beaten Track(2014) and Productive Foreign Language Skills for an Intercultural World(2015); his latest (2017) monograph appeared under the title M/Other Tongues in Language Acquisition, Instruction, and Use.
Micha.B. Paradowski是华沙大學应用语言学研究所副教授。他还是一名翻译培训师、电视语言教学咨询师。他的研究兴趣包括英语作为通用语、二(三)语习得、外语教学、双语教育、具身认知、教育技术、复杂科学。他在欧洲、亚洲、美洲、非洲的顶级学府做过150多场报告,并多次访问中国。他是Teaching Languages off the Beaten Track(2014), Productive Foreign Language Skills for an Intercultural World(2015)的主编,他的专著M/Other Tongues in Language Acquisition, Instruction, and Use于2017年出版。

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